Our Earth

I highly recommend the movie An Inconvenient Truth. The science is accurate and the presentation is very clear. Our world is what we make it to be in our actions. Even when action is inaction, the world will change to match our lifestyle. It's really is up to each and every person to make a difference. We do matter. Anyways great movie, one of the best I have seen in years. The message is one of hope, if we just act simply. It doesnt take anything hard to make a difference in the current ecological situation. But no action (in this case means the same action which is creating the problem) does mean no future for our children. To truly follow no-action by living simply. As a Taoist the consumer style of always wanting bigger/more is baffling, since such activities actually reduce a person to be smaller. Yet perhaps thats why. As it gets more painful to live in a culture that creates pain, perhaps always buying more helps to deaden the pain. Yet such a life style leads to frost bite or perhaps sunburn of the soul either way, we create the climate we live in. Its truly a choice we each make, and we each make a difference. You are not powerless when taking the time to be yourself and not a consumer expression of living.