Very Ape

Warning: this post contains X-rated language. Late to the debate, but: WTF is it with all this “I don’t believe in evolution”? Or these polls that say “do you believe in evolution”? Come on all you jugheads and crackers. Let’s go back to kindergarten for a moment: the theory of evolution is not like santa claus, the easter bunny, or even like macrobiotics or acupuncture. It is not something one believes in or disbelieves in. It is something that one either observes based on an analysis of available evidence, or does not observe based on a lack of available evidence. Like any scientific theory, it is a model constructed from inferences. It doesn’t have one red fucking thing to do with “belief”. My country, my country. Overrun with jugheads, crackers, circus geeks biting the heads off of chickens, carnival fatsos, white trash sisterfuckers in doublewides chawin’ in their overalls. That is what you are: in love with your ignorance. Crack open a fucking book. Argue with and about the inferential theoretical model. But don’t say the word “belief”. Because the minute that word comes out of your mouth, I must infer that you are a double dildo fucking moron.