A Valentine's Day Feast

I've got a bunch of pieces to post today! Four to be exact! First up is a poster for this weeks upcoming Valentine's Day themed movie night at the Sidebar, presented, as always, by Cannibal Impalement Records. The movies being shown this time around are Poultrygeist and Valentine's Day, with an intermission by Thee Lexington Arrows! This is my favorite poster I've done for these guys, and probably one of my favorite posters I've done period. Next up is my piece for Zac Gorman's forthcoming Final Fantasy 9 fan-art zine! I chose to draw Freya (one of my favorite characters) stabbing a Malboro (one of my favorite monsters) right in his ugly-ass face! Next up is another little comic I did for Benn Ray of Magic the Gathering best cards blog "Said What?" comic strip for Baltimore's B Magazine. And finally, is a drawing of Death Race's Frankenstein beating the tar out of Machine Gun Joe Viterbo (Sylvester Stallone). This was a drawing that I did for fun, for the same thing I did that drawing of Jason Voorhees for. I'll have some more work coming your way soon, so check back later!
Magic the Gathering plains