Apple Picking

Words change meaning faster than rabbits hatching. Say the words "apple picking" to me and I know what you mean. You go out in an orchard and pull apples off a tree, right? Wrong. "Apple Picking" is the new term for thieving critters out to steal your hand held devices, iPhones, iPads and other such devices. The article is primarily a warning for Portland's transit system riders but it applies to all of us I think. If your smart phone isn't in use, keep it out of sight. When listening to music, tuck it away in a pocket (and think about replacing Apple's telltale white ear buds). Watch for people casing riders for electronic devices. Be vigilant when a bus or train is coming to a stop and the doors are about to open. Sit or stand in an area visible to others. If your device is snatched, report it stolen (don't chase the thief).

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